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WHAT WE represent

As an Asian based  boutique consulting firm focused in the selected fields of
​outsourcing, change management, visual design thinking, innovation &  related start-ups.
Start-up project is a joint collaboration with BRICS 2015 Initiative group & Juniasia
focussed on developing markets & services. 

Values & us

our themes

Our central theme and direct influence is a result of Singapore's success story.
Due to its high governance, strong business culture,
visionary outlook and other positive traits, Singapore is well respected in the Asian and global economic sphere.
​The country's resilience has been its strongest factor in influencing our team and our thinking.
We bring Singapore's resilient thinking & our own Juniasia based multi-cultural perspectives & experiences
 from Sweden, Singapore & Asian/European influences to our work & engagements.

work life


Emphasizes innovation, open team-based activities. Relationship building, knowledge sharing a common goal & values
​Innovation & Work Life Balance.
Team & individual sports activities. Social causes & projects.

"It's a mindset"..Juniasia.


EMAIL ADDRESS: business@juniasia.com

Tel: 6748 6505 Ext 133 | Fax: 6846 7208

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